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Two weeks later , one morning , my four classes steelers jersey mysterious classmate pulled me aside and pulled out a letter sealed with a transparent adhesive say a girl in their class to me, and a mysterious smile . I took to this rambling letter , my heart is full of question marks. Exhibition letter a watchman told me no small surprise , the letter two weeks ago on the stairs encounter the girl to me , the letter said she was generally loyal AC Milan FANS, collected almost all the fans of this team supplies, However, only missing a set of shirts, I hope I can transfer to her specific issues at the school gate after school again . After school , I went to school With inexplicable mood door and saw that she has been waiting for a or short hair , glasses , T-shirts , jeans.

"HI, hello ! " I'm a friendly hello.

" Hello , really sorry , but I really want the set of shirts, I've traveled all over the city all the sporting goods store said sold out , so I ...... " she said blushing , but straight Ben theme.

"I can out double the price ! " While I do not know how , she adds.

At this point, I've been kind of sincerity and dedication she was impressed , and said to her: "OK, I'll give you the afternoon ! "

She looked at me with gratitude , but then flitted over the eyes and anxiety : "What will you charge ? "

"Money ? Tacky synonymous with a mere set of jerseys worth ? 'I put a money- minute dirt gesture.

"Really ? " She is simply unwilling to believe my ears !
?But Descartes certainly would not put Gerrard jersey back to him , he pittsburgh steelers jerseys gave Gerrard is his arsenal of the game wearing jersey No. 18 .

????" Steven , you great performance , especially you , are you against me almost dead ." Descartes saw Gerrard expression of some depressed, his face showing a sincere smile.

????Gerrard smile a cry , took his jersey joked that: " unfortunately still not fully Dingsi you, but do not worry, next time we met I will not let you have a chance ."
Love sports friends, from your access to sport and now there must be a lot of shirts, jerseys will certainly have a number, perhaps the first body is inadvertently selected jersey number , but - second body, then the third person ?
I started playing football in high school , and now through a total of nine sets of jerseys. Select up number is 9, because I have been playing the striker, the 9th is the first choice . Each of the rest of the body jersey number ( but they are some relationships and 9 ) have some stories, and we talk about it .
The first body is the Netherlands No. 9 jersey , because at that time new to football, do not understand the situation. Only know to follow the class understand football blind mixed , bought the Dutch jersey. Oddly enough at that time and I did not grab the 9th , because a lot of people put the sights on the 10th on . But also because of my position relationship between you , the feeling is still very first person jerseys for their own . That is so devoted that time to play football, came close to being the old class to "ON" , the kick incredibly hard, academic mess. Fortunately, football still gave me some comfort , my steeler jerseys sophomore became the captain of our class , and won that year's school soccer championship, from that time began to have "Orange Storm" this statement, because to us from won the championship until after graduation have not lost any remaining a class team . Also at that time too , " scenery " , and will have my third appearance of the body jersey No. 18 ( mentioned later ) .

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