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High school graduation , when representatives of the city to authentic steelers jersey participate in the province's five -a-side game, did not select a number of powers , are hard of a No. 6 jersey . Juventus and South Korea ( South Korea 2002 World Cup semi-finals advance , which is also the goal of our leadership imply ) , does not mean much , this is not to say, unfortunately only won the last eighth ( A total of 18 teams ) .
Thus ascend to the university, the day of receipt of the notification , really " God get people " ah ! The school I attended the game in place of next ............
To the university , of course, the game. Perhaps this school really ...... , the stadium is not the standard 400M runway , even a turf are not, but I put up for football . But I can not tolerate is to assign numbers and location on the field when he did not say that , you need to listen to the "organization" arrangement . I was a hard 10 minutes , let me play attacking midfielder , that I pass good sense . I day , ah, know that it is because I feel that a new point to be humble , multisection ball , first elected hospital team again, my best is scoring ah ! But what use is it ? So wearing this shirt attended the first session of the League , and ultimately our team did not qualify. Oh, for many reasons, not a glorious thing, stop right now !
To finally have junior league ( sophomore closed session ) , I can be considered in the team , " veteran level" , and finally put on their favorite "9" number. That year we are also the most promising . May be the result was another round of scenarios , the final we lost a ball in the team half are "special student of the " Student of the team at the foot . Although our captain staged several times , " Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles " of the play, was named " best player" ; My 18 goals in six games ( accurate to say that five games . Finals without scoring ) to get a well-deserved "best shooter ." But this is what use is it ? Champion is not ours, we only cry copies. The most dramatic is that we get a penalty before the whistle , but the captain was engaged in a " 94 style Baggio penalty ," we have lost the last chance. That time is so difficult to accept this fact , you can now think ...... quite memorable . Perhaps this shortcoming America also allows us to memories !
It is worth mentioning that in this session of the League , I met a girl , she also started dating , but the end result is still broke , and get along just less than a month , she is my most serious one , is my injury the deepest one, until now, "my heart is still " ! ! ! My last one is for her career as a student jerseys come out.
Around very quiet, talkative cicadas sound chant , pine rocking in the summer sun , pines rustling . Because if overheard two poor brothers and secretly hope for the future .
"You will remember how to send me the camera do ? " I calmed down and asked him.
Brother watching from afar without moving his hand push lightly on the ground soft leaves.
"Because you gave me this shirt , I really like ."
I sent a stall to buy clothes, hidden in the heart brother three years. Even now, this steelers authentic jerseys dress has lost its splendid campus and youth belonging to the meaning of time .
Now that the team has become a natural need for a jersey number. Interference by the reporter did not go out riding , Thomas immediately took out a form , printed above some of the numbers , and some numbers have written your name on the back . Xu Feng know , it is because that number has already been selected , Xu Feng is not optional.

????Xu Feng glanced at the table , find the 8th jersey belongs Shao Jiayi . As a symbol of midfield gave Shao , Shao Jiayi is sufficient to prove that the team 's position . Xu Feng also began to be interested in the Big Brother together .

????Suddenly, in the 8th behind Xu Feng saw the 10th and did not write the name behind the number , this number represents no one to take. In the youth team was wearing jersey No. 10 Xu Feng, natural soft spot for the number 10 shirt .
Xu Feng was so firm , since no one choose the number 10 shirt , Thomas also agreed. Although authentic steeler jerseys Thomas hearts a little reluctant , after all, the number 10 shirt that was worn by key players to the team , Xu Feng, a new, or young players, how can it be number 10 shirt , but so that he did not think that the printed Xu Feng name number 10 shirt on the market, get immediate fans berserk . About more than the original Shao jersey sales. Which orders from China , it is very, very much . Watching the inflow club held the money pocket, Thomas is also not regret the No. 10 jersey to Xu Feng .

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