Free Components Package

The Free Components package contains several utility components, units, and functions for Delphi. The package is provided as-is, and can be used and distributed freely. For more information, see the Readme.txt file included in the package ZIP file. Download now...

New - the NTCpuTim unit (not included in the package) lets you retrieve CPU usage information. Download


  • The code has been tested under Delphi 7.0. Previous versions are not currently supported, but most of the code should run on Delphi version 3.0 or higher.
  • The ZIP file includes the source for a runtime package (SPFree.dpk) and a design-time package (SPFDsn.dpk). These packages were built using Delphi 7.0. In other versions of Delphi, simply create two packages. The only files that should be included in the design-time package are SPFReg.pas and SPFReg.dcr. All other files should be placed in a runtime-only package.

Package Contents


TSPClipboardMonitor TSPClipboardMonitor - Monitors the clipboard and fires an event when the content of the clipboard changes. 
TSPMailSlot TSPMailSlot - A wrapper around the Win32 mailslot object. The component allows interprocess and networked communication using mailslots. 
TSPAppInfo TSPAppInfo - Provides easy access to application version information. 
TSPNetworkBrowser TSPNetworkBrowser - A component that browses network resources, such as computers, shares, and printers. 
TSPComputerList TSPComputerList - This component extends the browsing capabilities of TSPNetworkBrowser and returns a list of computers on the network, including server information, such as the server operating system. The code works on both Windows 95/98-type systems and NT-class machines, which use a different networking library.
TSPCompComboBox TSPCompComboBox - A combo box that uses TSPComputerList to let the user select a computer. The search for computers runs as a background thread, so users can move on without waiting for the lengthy browse process to finish. 

Classes and Functions

  TInstanceManager class - Use this class to allow just a single instance of your application to run. When the user tries to activate a new instance, the original instance is notified, and the new instance's command line is passed to the old instance.
  GetSummaryInformation function - Reads summary information from OLE documents (such as those produce by Microsoft Office applications).
  GetFileContentsFromIFilter function - This function reads the contents of files using the indexing service's filter implementation. The indexing service is installed on Windows 2000/XP machines (and NT machines running the Option Pack). This function lets you read the contents of a variety of files recognized by the indexing service without knowing the internal file format. An ActiveX DLL implemeting this function is also available here.