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Yellow in color , black dotted line on the shoulder two simple seahawks pro shop decoration. 1990s European giants Arsenal Football Club uniforms , most loving brother team . Three years of high school , my brother left the impression in my mind has always been a yellow No. 14 jersey.
That year he was the next higher , I just go to college. Time to go home , he saw he was the only class to wear T-shirts playing children, on the province 's food for a month , bought a 14 jersey given to him.
I remember when he was like a shy girl, dark hide his face filled with happiness.
Deep affection for our brothers , but this way of expressing affection but never , one rural children are tactlessness introverted , without any courtesy of communication. Second, there is also no spare cash to buy these luxury clothing. So it might have some unexpected favor to get him a loss .
My university town in the province , a holiday in the city to work , looking for the next semester fee , brother leave home to work are mainly uphill closing turpentine , which is our major source of income , but also my high tuition fees per year source .
Third grade summer vacation , I can not find any work , went home , and my brother up the hill close turpentine , that year, his brother the entrance exam . He seemed to grow up overnight , into the mountains to work in silence . Also brought back from school wearing jersey No. 14 .
Aoyama lush . An oasis . Brother's bright yellow jersey on the embellishment, especially dazzling. He walked quietly in front of me , behind the big 14, upset my emotions:
The only part of this youth campus sportswear , who carries many young carefree laughter, since this piece will forever haunt the civilized world with no feelings completely isolated in the mountains .
"I have a perfect family , I am very happy ! " She said. Wuli fog falling as if I had seahawks store to quietly listen to her go on. " But now ...... " I seem to have a premonition that something. "My parents divorced ...... I am not happy ...... " Just as I expected. I do not know what language to comfort her, she had to either fell on my shoulder and near sobbing . That night, we have to sit late.

The day after , we again become the logical lover, I spent almost all their spare time to accompany her reading . Is my comfort and encouragement, Lin also gradually out of the shadow of her parents divorced . From school on the road, again we laugh figure.

In this way, we spent an unforgettable semester and summer . While we are immersed in the so-called love being when a tragic love stories of all endings are used actually happened to me .

I want to transfer , and to parents, school location , and that the news Lynn became seahawks shop very excited , but in trying to hide , she said simply : "You take the day I come to see you ."

Break up the day came , I was on the platform waiting for her appearance , the train to open , and she has not come yet . I sat on the train With a glimmer of hope still looked out the window toward the car , all of a sudden , I saw a familiar figure , she is not far from that piece with black and yellow jersey wipe the tears , I can not help up, pawing at the train on the coffee table whining cry ......

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