What's New in Planners 3.0

Planners 3.0 includes many new features and enhancements to existing features.

New IDE Versions

  • Version 3.0 adds support for Borland Deverloper Studio 2006's Delphi for Win32, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder personalities, and for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007's Delphi 2007 for Win32 and C++Builder personalities.
  • The latest versions of CodeGear's IDEs support multiple sizes for component icons. Planners 3.0 now includes updated icons for all supported sizes.

New Day Planner Features

  • Is is now possible to only show working hours in the day planner. The new ShowActiveTimeOnly property controls whether the planner only shows working hours (specified by the ActiveDayStart and ActiveDayEnd properties), or all 24 hours. This property is supported in both the visual control and printed output.

New Timeline Planner Features

  • The timeline planner can now show multiple, fixed-size rows. In previous versions, rows were automatically sized to fill the control, making it difficult to display a large number of resources. The new AutoSizeRows property controls whether rows are automatically sized, or have a fixed height (specified by the new RowHeight property) and can be scrolled using a vertical scrollbar. Printing support has been updated to support this new view.
  • The timeline planner now supports 1-minute columns.

Visual Enhancements

  • Planners can now use different visual styles implemented by the operating system. The new ThemeStyle property controls the appearance of planner controls when visual themes are enabled.

User Interaction Enhancements

  • All planner controls now implement auto-scrolling during drag-and-drop operations.
  • Users can now insert line breaks in the inplace editor by pressing Shift+Enter.
  • Right-clicking an already selected item now keeps the current selection.

Data Access Enhancements

  • The Key property of the TSPDBPlanItem class (representing an item connected to a data source) is now public.
  • Additional methods for locating records are now available. Both the new Locate method of the TSPDBPlanItem class and the new LocateItem method of the TSPDBSource component can now be used to locate an item's matching record in the source dataset.

Design Enhancements

  • Several properties have been promoted to allow easier control of the various components at design-time.